Barrow Mix Concrete Stockport

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Barrow Mix Concrete Stockport

Barrow Mix Concrete Stockport

Bettamix can provide large scale concrete, but we also specialise in the smaller loads that many companies can't or don't want to handle. We specialise in the smaller mix on site amounts, so we're the ideal delivery service for small and medium sized jobs like driveways, garage bases, garden paths, footings and oversites.

Dont waste time, money and energy trying to mix it yourself, as it's far more cost effective than mixing it yourself. Our barrowmix saves you the expense and inconvenience of hiring equipment and allocating valuable labor to mix concrete. We will barrow our freshly mixed concrete to where you need it, whether that is. Whatever your needs, we cater for it all. We supply the labour and the wheelbarrows for this, all you need to do is phone today.

So for all your barrow mix concrete needs in Stockport, Bettamix is your No1 supplier. Ring us on 0161 763 5406


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The Quality of our Products

Here at Bettamix we only use limestone aggregates to meet the required British Building Standards. This creates the correct strength and density in concrete. Our product can be used for slabs, footings and driveways to pre cast concrete structures. No Job is too large or too small for Bettamix.. Learn More...

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