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Bettamix is the only partner you will ever need for concrete pump hire. From our Bury HQ, we work with clients throughout Lancashire and the entire Northwest. You stand to benefit considerably from our services, as we know how to save our clients money while also delivering excellence from one job to the next.

Choosing the right Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps are available in two varieties: land-line or boom. Before making your booking, you need to specify which type you require. To eliminate any difficulties from your decision-making, please consider the characteristics of each pump.

Boom for large volumes

Boom concrete pumps are ideal for larger construction projects due to the huge volumes they can handle. What makes these concrete pumps even more appealing is their pinpoint accuracy. A robotic arm extends from the truck and is positioned with breathtaking precision by a remote control. This innovative feature also enables boom pumps to excel when pumping concrete at height.

Land-line for small volumes

While boom pumps excel with large volumes, land-line concrete pumps are the obvious selection for smaller quantities. For instance, a land-line would be the perfect choice for when you need to lay ground slabs. Hiring the right concrete pump is a crucial decision for your project, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Eliminate unnecessary costs

By hiring a concrete pump from Bettamix, you stand to save considerable costs. In most cases, only a single skilled operator is needed to complete the work. There is no sense in spending extra when you could be paying the right amount. But should you require further expertise, we can provide additional operators for just a small extra cost.

Extra help available

Typically when hiring one of our land-line pumps, you won’t require extra operators when working within a 45m range. Going beyond that distance is slightly more challenging, which is why additional assistance would be needed.

What to expect

Your hired pump will stay on site for up to four hours before any additional costs are required. In the interests of efficiency, we do not recommend pumping less than 2m3, as a significant volume of concrete will be left in the pump after completion. However, there is absolutely no restriction on the maximum quantity that you pump.

What we need from you

Please provide two standard bags of cement to grout the line, with a suitable area prepared for washing out the pump as well. It is also recommended that a 2.5m square tarpaulin be used to line a pre-dug hole/trench. Finally, please allow 48 hours notice when placing an order for a pump.

Working with Bettamix

Call Bettamix now on 0161 761 5406 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all your concrete pumping needs.


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Here at Bettamix we only use limestone aggregates to meet the required British Building Standards. This creates the correct strength and density in concrete. Our product can be used for slabs, footings and driveways to pre cast concrete structures. No Job is too large or too small for Bettamix.. Learn More...

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